Ricardos 220S in Mexico

This Mercedes is 1964 my father bought in 1972 as a "well used" car. He paid the original owner a bunch of cash and gave another fintail for it. He fell in love with this car because of the modifications the previous ownwer performed, such as: M130 engine, 280 gearbox (manual), gear lever in the floor, dual exhaust, bigger tyres, Cibie road lights, cibie auxiliary yellow fog lights, electric gas pump.  I installed with the help of my brother 280 bumpers, seats, grille, a Becker Europa II radio, a vintage "original" Nardi steering wheel, 3 speakers, 450 wheels, Toyo tyres and other stuff.  This car is more a performer than a show car, so we use it on long trips.  My father pilled some 250,000 kms and my brother and I other 150,000 on the original M180 engine (which we rebuilt).  My future plans are to install again the M130 engine. I am on that.