I live in Forida and I have a 69 coupe with a 71 front end.  Obviously the car has been modified but I'm sending you this set of pictures to enjoy (or not).  Let me know what you think.

A Mercedes mechanic friend bought this car from a customer when she decided she didn't want to spend $1,000.00 for a new windshield. To her the car wasn't worth it.  This was about 11 years ago.  My friend bought the car from her for $1,000.00. He had planned on fixing the car up but never got around to it. 
There it sat outside his shop for 9 years. He sold the original 6 cylinder out of it and made his money back plus a profit.
I went up to see my father for Christmas up in Maryland where my mechanic friend lives (and where I grew up). I visited with him and told him of a 108 body Benz that had been offered to me for $200.00 with a Chevy 350 V8 engine installed. The 108 was damaged from an accident and I didn't want a 4 door car so I asked my mechanic friend Randy if he knew of a 111 coupe or convertible without an engine available. I was quite surprised to hear him say he had one!
Since the car was pretty rusty and needed a total restoration and the fact that he made his money on it he GAVE it to me! I hauled it down to Florida where I now live and went through the whole car.
I put a high lift cam, roller rocker arms, big valve heads, aluminum high rise intake manifold and dual exhaust on the engine. In the future I will do more to get it to be a real terror on the road!
I made all of the spoilers and ground effects. Much of it is made from old bumper pieces.  I used 108 bumpers and sold the originals.  I know the purists will cringe but I like them and they were in good shape so they went on.
The car is lots of fun.  People really seem to like a Hot Rod Mercedes.  Very unusual seeing something like this in the states.  Purists will have to get over it. The car was a very rusty junker and the fact that it has been saved at all deserves praise.
Derek Jettmar

Derek’s W111 Coupe