Well, this car, is a 220, 1964. I live in Sonora, in the northwest of Mexico. This car was originally sold in this state, but its owner took it to Guadalajara, in the center of Mexico, a rare coincidence, since i was born
there, after many trades, one of my cousins bought this car, then he sold it ot my brother, and he did so to my boss, so we took the car back here, to Sonora, but my boss had no time to take care of the car, and the people of the body shop abbandoned it in the street, so the people over there, made a lot of damage to it, jumping in the roof, crashing its windows and lamps etc. So i re buy it from my boss, and started working on it, this was 5 years ago.

Finally, thanks to the help of many good friends, wich i dont know personally, but were too kind to tell me hints of finding parts and manuals, it is now rebuilt, I hope you consider it a good work, considering theres not a dealer of MB near here.

Now it is the car i use everyday, and really, driving it is the most reconfortant experience.

Alex Orozco


Alex’ 220er (Mexico)